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Elicia Crook
Elicia Crook
6 July 2020

Hi there – I’m Elicia. I have been a massage therapist for 16 years … starting solo and growing to have a 3-room clinic with 9 staff.

Social Media is huge for me as it makes such a direct connection with potential clients.

When I started, I made all my own content but it took FOREVER… and hiring my own designer was WAY too expensive.

So I created this subscription service “Health and Hashtags“, providing social media content for various health & wellness professionals.

I knew it would have to be fast and easy, and great value too.

So every month, my expert designers and writers craft new content FOR YOU. Images, adverts, newsletter articles and regular bonuses too.

This makes it super FAST and EASY to keep up to date with your social posts (and look great while you do). No more messing around in Canva for hours just to get your basic content done!

Check it out below – I trust you’ll love it!

Elicia Crook
Health & Hashtags

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